Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Tribute to Faith, a Favored Pet

There’s something about a warm dog on a cold night.
The way she snuggles up to you in the recliner,
As you watch the six o’clock news.
And you know the highlight of her whole day
Is hearing the car pull in the garage
And seeing you walk through the door.
She doesn’t care if you’re fat or what you look like without makeup on.
She’s quite content to bask in your shadow
And to bring you her squeaky toy when she’s bored and it’s time to play.
It’s then you know you’re looking at the closest thing you’ll ever see on this earth
To a true and unconditional love.
And all she asks for in return is a gentle pat on the head
And some dog food in her bowl—you know the kind she likes.
I think maybe the amount of pain you feel when you lose a pet
Is somehow commensurate to the amount of love they brought into your life.
That’s what makes our pets so special.

And why it’s so hard to let them go.

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