Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Penny loafers?  But you put a dime in them because that was enough to make a call home from a pay phone.

Sunbathing, slathered in baby oil (this was before you knew about the dangerous effects of sun?)

“Tiger Beat “ and “Teen Magazine?”

Weekly list of  25 vocabulary words?  You not only had to SPELL them, you had to know what they meant!

Beatle wigs?

The yukky pizza “squares” in the school cafeteria?
Learning the 10-Key by touch and how to operate a Posting Machine in Business Machine’s class?

Plymouth Valliants?

Nehru jackets?
Pink Princess telephones with the lighted rotary dials?

How cute Davey Jones was?

That recurring nightmare you were late catching the school bus.  But you ran and made it only to look down and realized you weren’t dressed?  (Well, maybe I was the only one who had that dream.)

Plaid Madras shirts?

Double features at the movies? 

Coca Cola in bottles? Glass bottles only?

Sifer’s Marshmallow Cups?

Mohair sweaters?

Rubber Flip-Flops?

Life before microwave ovens? Cellphones and PCs?

That's the way I remember "Life After Sixty."

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